Wabtec Secures Systems and Software Deal with ARTC to Support the Interoperability of Australia’s National Rail Network

匹兹堡, 2024年4月17日 – 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) announced today a digital solutions agreement with Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC). The two companies will collaborate on developing one of the few approaches being considered to address interoperability of rail systems in Australia.

匹兹堡, 2024年3月27日 – 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) announced it will report 2024 first quarter results before the U.S. 金融市场于2024年4月24日开放. The company will conduct a conference call to discuss those results with analysts and investors at 8:30 a.m. 东部时间同日.
瓦伯泰克与乌拉圭Grupo RAS签署首份迪士尼3彩乐园协议

CONTAGEM, 巴西- 3月12日, 2024 - Grupo RAS, a Uruguay-based multinational integrated logistics leader with over 30 years of experience, 今天宣布从瓦伯泰克公司(纽约证券交易所代码:WAB)获得三台C23EMP迪士尼3彩乐园的订单。. 这笔交易标志着Grupo RAS进入乌拉圭铁路市场的关键一步.
Wabtec任命Kyra Yates为k8彩乐园app官网下载关系副总裁

匹兹堡, 2024年3月11日 – 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) announced today the appointment of Kyra Yates as Vice President of k8彩乐园app官网下载关系 effective March 18, 2023. 在这个角色中, 耶茨将负责传达瓦伯泰克的愿景, 策略, 财务业绩, 以及对股东和金融界的未来期望. 她将接替自2019年以来一直担任该职位的克里斯汀·库贝基(Kristine Kubacki).
Wabtec推出下一代轨道车移动器——Commander NXT

匹兹堡,2月. 27, Wabtec(纽约证券交易所代码:WAB)今天推出了其shuttleagon Commander NXT, 下一代火车司机. NXT系列将为轨道车辆移动行业提供改进的性能, 可靠性, 和效率.

匹兹堡,2月. 26, 2024 - 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) (“Wabtec”) today announced that it has priced a public offering of $500 million aggregate principal amount of 5.611% 2034年到期优先票据(“票据”). The Notes will be guaranteed by each of Wabtec’s current and future subsidiaries that guarantee its indebtedness under its credit agreements or any other debt of Wabtec or any other guarantor.
MRS订购30台Wabtec Evolution系列迪士尼3彩乐园

里约热内卢和匹兹堡, 2月21日, 2024 - MRS Logística (MRSA-MB) and 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) announced an agreement for 30 new Evolution Series locomotives. The deal is valued at approximately R$500 million with the first deliveries scheduled for 2024. The purchase is part of MRS’s railway fleet renewal 策略 and reinforces the almost 30-year relationship between the two companies.
Wabtec Delivers Strong Fourth Quarter 2023 Results; Issues 2024 Full-Year Guidance

匹兹堡, 2024年2月14日 – 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) today reported fourth quarter 2023 GAAP earnings per diluted share of $1.20, up 39.与2022年第四季度相比增长了5%. 调整后每股摊薄收益为1美元.54, up 18.与去年同期相比增长了5%. 第四季度的销售额为2美元.营运现金为6.86亿美元. 2023年全年GAAP摊薄每股收益为4美元.53, up 30.与2022年全年相比增长9%. 全年调整后每股摊薄收益为5美元.92, up 21.与2022年全年相比增长8%. 2023年的总销售额为9美元.680亿美元,经营现金为1亿美元,创历史新高.200亿年.

匹兹堡,2月. 13、2024 - 迪士尼3彩乐园. (纽交所: WAB)和CSX Corp .. (NASDAQ: CSX) signed a deal for over 200 locomotive modernizations featuring a suite of digital solutions, 创新, 和服务. The agreement will transform the remaining AC4400 locomotives in CSX’s fleet providing improved fuel 效率, 可靠性, 利用, 和牵引力.

匹兹堡, 2024年2月12日年——瓦博泰克公司(纽约证券交易所代码:WAB)赢得了一份提供可持续供暖的大订单, 通风, and air-conditioning (暖通空调) units and efficient door systems for Norway-based Norske Tog’s new regional trains. 新的门和绿色空气暖通空调系统为客户提供了更好的成本节约, 效率, 可持续性, 以及更好的乘客体验.

HOSUR, 2024年1月24日 — 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) announced today a large brake system order from the Mobility Business of Siemens India Private Limited for the prestigious 9000HP locomotive project for Indian Railways. 1.57亿美元(卢比).1300亿卢比)的订单将改善运营业绩, 效率, 并以最新的安全技术为新线1,200台电力迪士尼3彩乐园.
Wabtec’s Trip Optimizer™ Surpasses 1 Billion Miles Significantly Reducing the Rail Industry’s Fuel Consumption and Emissions

匹兹堡, 2024年1月17日 – Wabtec’s (纽交所: WAB) Trip Optimizer surpassed a major milestone as railroads used the energy-management software to efficiently operate their trains for more than 1 billion auto miles, 相当于40多个,绕地球1000圈. 12个,000 locomotives worldwide using the Trip Optimizer system accounted for significant reductions in fuel consumption and emissions for the rail industry.

匹兹堡, 2024年1月10日 – 迪士尼3彩乐园 (纽交所: WAB) announced it will report 2023 fourth quarter results before the U.S. 金融市场于2024年2月14日开放. The company will conduct a conference call to discuss those results with analysts and investors at 8:30 a.m. 东部时间同日.

匹兹堡, 2023年12月14日 – Wabtec (纽交所: WAB) announced today its entrance into the railcar telematics market via an agreement with Intermodal Telematics B.V. (IMT), 一家荷兰公司, 根据该协议,Wabtec将使用IMT技术创建一个轨道车辆远程信息处理平台. Wabtec’s new railcar telematics platform will deliver real-time information to railcar and tank container owners and operators, 让他们把铁路货物变成智能, 相关资产.
Wabtec Earns Top Score in Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2023-2024 Corporate Equality Index

匹兹堡, 12月4日, 2023 – Wabtec (纽交所: WAB) announced today that it received a score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2023-2024 Corporate Equality Index (CEI), the nation’s foremost benchmarking survey and report measuring corporate policies and practices related to LGBTQ+ workplace equality. The recognition comes as Wabtec makes significant year-over-year progress on all diversity, 股本, 包容目标.